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We take pride in being a boutique recording studio. We have created an environment where we let your imagination take over. Imagination encircles the world.



In today’s world of project studios and home recording, creating an album is easier than ever before. However, after countless hours of editing and mixing, you notice that your music just doesn’t sound as ‘loud’ or as ‘full’ as the albums in your collection. This is where Audio Mastering comes in! The audio mastering process is the final polish applied to a recording, and is performed by an audio mastering engineer with a multitude of specialized equipment, and years of training and experience.

Having your project mastered by an engineer with ‘fresh ears’ yields a far better result then attempting it yourself, and after the process is finished, your songs will jump out at you with a richness and definition that you never imagined possible. Robeter offers competitive rates, and pricing based on the mastering service requested.

Mastering rates as low as $75 per song!

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