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We take pride in being a boutique recording studio. We have created an environment where we let your imagination take over. Imagination encircles the world.


Professional Sound Quality, Exceptional Service!

With over 30 years of music industry and recording experience, our music producers and recording engineers have worked with many of today’s top artists such as: Nelly Furtado, Beyonce, Drake, Sizzla, Julie Black, Lil Wayne, Shania Twain, Dr. Dre, Paul Oakenfold and many others.

Robeter Production Studios (in Toronto) features two world class studios with the best in digital and analogue recording… When you book with us, to discuss your recording needs, you will receive a FREE 30‐minute producer consultation ($125 value) about your work.

Perfect for

  • Recording Artists
  • Corporate clients

Our corporate clients include Chum City, Global Television, Mother Parkers, and Showtime Television to name a few.

Great Features

  • Payment plans / deferred payments option
  • Open 24 hours day 7 days a week (by request)
  • Convenient location ‐ Hwy #400 & Finch Ave. West.
  • Musicians available (guitar, bass, piano, synths, drums, vocalists etc.)
  • Drum/loop programming and processing
  • Lounge area & kitchen
  • Recording Artist packages available

Our primary mixing studio is fitted with acoustic and aesthetic treatments to make this room one to inspire creativity and precision all at once. This room can work in conjunction with a second producer/engineer combo at one time, should any project require it. The perfect studio for Production, Composition and Songwriting! Versatility mixed with a streamlined concept makes Studio A, the easy decision for your next project at Robeter Productions.

Gear & Software found in this room…

  • Soundcraft Ghost 64 channel mixing console
  • Mackie HR824 active [THX certified] reference monitors
  • Apple Mac Super PowerPC Quad Processor dual 2.3 GHz, 32GB DDR RAM
  • MOTU 24 I/O [96KHz, smpte/ adat/ word sync]
  • Alesis QS7 sampler/keyboard
  • Korg Triton keybaord synthesizer
  • Korg MS‐2000R Analog Modelling synthesizer module
  • Korg Prophecy solo keyboard synthesizer
  • Yamaha CS1x control keyboard
  • E‐MU Xtreme Lead‐1 synthesizer module
  • Alesis MidiVerb III reverb module
  • Lexicon MPX 1effects module
  • Tascam MH‐40 multi‐headphone amplifier
  • TL Audio Ivory 2 5021 dual valve compressor
  • Avalon Vt 747sp Vacuum Tube equalizer, compressor
  • HHB Radius 50 tube mic pre‐amp & compressor
  • Dell Power Edge 2900 Quad Core (main 10 Tb (tera‐bytes)
  • Redundant Storage Raid 10 (Network back bone 1gb)
  • Plug‐Ins & Software
  • Steinberg Cubase 7
  • Logic Pro X
  • Reason
  • Izotope, pHATmatic Pro,
  • Reverbs, synths, fx, etc.
  • UAD‐2 Ultra Pak
  • Waves Platinum
  • PSP Bundle
  • Camel Audio Bundle
  • Korg Legacy bundle
  • Rob Papen Albino, Blue & Predator
  • Absynth
  • Amplitube
  • T‐RackS Deluxe
  • Superior Drummer
  • Geforce Minimonsta
  • IK Multimedia Amplitube 2
  • Classik Studio Reverb
  • iZotope
  • Ozone 3
  • LinPlug Octopus
  • Native Instruments Massive
  • Re FX Nexus
  • Sonalksis Bundle

Robeter Productions prides itself on versatility and creativity. Studio B exhibits this in great success. Treated according to the needs of our post‐production projects, this space has the processing power and analogue compliment to accommodate the producer, post editor, engineer, recording artist or any
necessity for a production or project. With its own vocal booth, the limitations are few and inspirations are high in our Studio B room.

Gear & Software found in this room…

  • Pro‐Tools HD Accel System
  • Yamaha 02R digital recording console [with ADAT i/o and soon analog direct outs]
  • Yamaha Self‐Powered HS80m Pair
  • Yamaha NS‐10m passive reference studio monitors (pending session availability)
  • Apple Mac Pro [Quad Core 3 GHz, 4 GB Ram, 250GB SATA hard drive, shared 200GB Lacie de firewire external hard drive]
  • M‐Audio Keystation 88 es
  • Avalon Vt 747sp Vacuum Tube equalizer, compressor
  • Avalon Vt 737sp Vacuum Tube mic/ instrument pre‐amp, equalizer, compressor
  • Apex HPA4 4‐channel headphone amplifier
  • 96 point patch rack [2x 48 point TRS patchbay]
  • Numerous AU/RTAS/VST/TDM plug‐ins & instruments (listed below)
  • Samsung 26″ LCD Monitor
  • Redundant Storage Raid 10 (Network back bone 1gb)
  • Plug‐Ins & Software
  • Pro‐Tools HD 8.0
  • DV Toolkit 1.0
  • Pro‐Tools HD Pack 8 plug‐ins
  • BombFactory essentials pack
  • Reason Adapted for Pro‐Tools
  • Apple Logic Pro X (& Garageband)
  • Drumagog Pro Version
  • Waves Platinum Bundle
  • Autotune Efx & EVO
  • IK Multimedia Amplitube 2
  • Classik Studio Reverb
  • iZotope RX
  • iZotope Trash
  • Ozone
  • Sonalksis Bundle
  • PSP Audioware MixPack
  • Vintage Warmer 2
  • PSP 42
  • PSP 84
  • PSP 608 MultiDelay
  • PSP EasyVerb
  • PSP Neon
  • PSP Nitro
  • PSP MasterQ
  • Toontrack Superior Drummer 2

Should you desire to bring your own gear, our patch‐bay system can accommodate your needs. So go ahead and bring your favorite mic‐pre or synthesizer and we will integrate and create!

Here’s What You Need To Do…

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We have the experience, talent, and knowledge to take your project to the next level.

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