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We take pride in being a boutique recording studio. We have created an environment where we let your imagination take over. Imagination encircles the world.

Recording Artist Development

Recording Artist Development

Many artists have the musical and artistic skills necessary to build successful and long-lasting careers.

BUT, most are unable to promote their material or gain widespread recognition simply because they lack experience, business knowledge, and industry contacts.

Robeter offers complete Recording Artist Development and Consultation.
Recording artists can take their careers to the next level by enrolling in

Robeter’s Ten Step Program.


Following the program step by step is guaranteed to advance your career.

AND, will help you avoid years of frustration, trial and error, and mistakes that will cost you time and money.

Why not take your career to the next level the right way?

  1. We will produce a professional quality demo for you. We will work with you on music, lyrics, melody conception and arrangement. We will ensure that the quality of your songs is up to par with guidelines and regulations that set industry standards.
  2. We will ensure that your image is proper and suited to your style. We will provide you with the industry professionals necessary to facilitate this. (Photographers, Clothing and Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup)
  3. We will brand your image and style with a logo design, then create marketing material that will suite you and appeal to your audience.
  4. We will match you with a skilled publicist to write a biography for your press kit, and ensure that it meets industry standards and guidelines.
  5. Through our media contacts we will assist in having write-ups done when necessary. These will also be included as part of your press kit.
  6. We will work with you in developing a website and all online social media (Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube, Soundcloud & Instagram) that can be used as an online press kit. We will establish a shopping cart as part of the site, so you can begin selling your product and making money! Robeter will showcase you on its site, and will link to your website to promote you to our industry contacts.
  7. We will assist you in finding the musicians needed to form a band and provide you with backup when playing live. Also, we will help plan a live show that is entertaining and best represents you.
  8. We will assist you in finding, through our contacts, a booking agent/manager that will represent you, and help take your career to the next level when you are ready.
  9. We will refer you to some of the best entertainment Attorneys in North America, who will assist you with contract negotiations and other legal issues that may arise.
  10. Our in-house video department will create the right video for you that can be presented as part of your press kit, or released to the public giving you the online presence you need.

We will ensure that the experience is positive, the journey is delightful, and that we all have a lot of fun!

Basically, to sum it all up, we save you years of frustration, trial and error, making mistakes that will cost you time and money.

Why not just get your career started the right way and get right to business?

…The music business!

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